March 24, 2017

ClickZ Engage – A unique data-driven Digital Agency brought to you by ClickZ & Search Engine Watch

We are delighted to announce the launch of ClickZ Engage. A new digital agency that helps marketing technology providers and agencies reach and engage with new customers.

Founded in the late 90’s, ClickZ and Search Engine Watch have always offered ways to reach its audience of over 848,000 monthly readers, but through ClickZ Engage we hope to bring our product offering into the limelight and showcase some of the unique and innovate ways we are helping our clients grow their businesses.

Our new Audience Intelligence blog will also provide you with the inside scoop on the trends, pain points and insights that we are seeing as well as distilling tips and tactics from our experts to help you enhance your own B2B, content, lead generation and nurturing campaigns. Our latest post covers the top read articles on ClickZ for March along with other insights from our community that will help you keep your finger on the pulse of what your customers are thinking!

How we help

Our team of experts work with you to understand your campaign objectives and create customized marketing program to cut through the noise to reach and engage with your target audience. Our products include a mix of Webinars, Research Reports, Sponsored Articles, Retargeting & Lead Generation Campaigns, Newsletter Sponsorships, Digital Focus Emails, Lead Nurturing Campaigns, Display Advertising and In-Person Custom Events & Roundtables.

You will work closely with our network of Marketing Experts, Researchers, Designers, Analysts, SEO Specialists to create content that not only looks fantastic and cannot be found anywhere else, but more importantly will resonate with our audience, be talked about, quoted, shared and will rank in search results.

Our obsession with data has also led us to create a unique data-driven approach that utilizes a combination of cutting edge audience monitoring and marketing automation technologies to develop lead nurturing and engagement programs that deliver highly engaged and sales ready leads that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Our new campaign optimization tool also enables us to track the interactions and behaviour of our readers and subscribers from when they first interact with your campaign on our site to when they click through to your own webpage, sign-up for a free trial or download a whitepaper all the way through to conversion and hopefully becoming an active long-term customer.

This enables us to judge the success of your campaign with us not simply by the number of clicks or downloads but the direct ROI to your business.

Our communities

Built over 20 years we have established an engaged and growing community of readers across Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Digital Business and Digital Finance.

ClickZ has been a trusted source of digital marketing news, analysis and trends for over 20 year's covering email marketing, social media, analytics, attribution, big data, search engine marketing, mobile, display, ecommerce, strategy, digital disruption and everything in between.

Starting its life before Google was founded in 1998 and covering the birth of the internet from dial-up and email marketing (using AOL!) in the early 90’s, ClickZ, through its blog and Intelligence reports now delivers informative content to a global audience of more than 263,000 monthly readers and over 100,000 subscribers every day.

Established in 1996 Search Engine Watch is the oldest and most respected online global resource for search engine and search engine marketing news, analysis and trends.

Google's Matt Cutts has called Search Engine Watch "a must read."

With a highly engaged and loyal readership, Search Engine Watch's growing community consists of over 90,000 newsletter subscribers and 585,000 unique readers per month.

Contentive Media

As the parent company of both ClickZ and Search Engine Watch, Contentive Media gives you access to a network of 8 other communities that span across Digital Business and Digital Finance as well as Financial Technology, Human Resources and Financial Management, reaching over 4 million readers each month.

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