How we help

We work with you to create custom marketing programs that cut through the noise to connect your business with our communities. Campaigns can last just a couple of days or span over several years delivering highly qualified and receptive leads on a weekly basis.

Our products include Webinars, Research Reports, Sponsored Articles, Retargeting & Lead Generation Campaigns, Newsletter Sponsorships, Digital Focus Emails, Lead Nurturing Campaigns, Display Advertising and Custom Events & Roundtables.

Let your company make headlines

Announce & Explain

The content that we produce reaches a large, global audience of decision makers who want to hear about the brightest and the best in their industry. By working with us, you can become a part of the buzz, driving awareness of your products and services.

Achieve measurable results

Contact & Convert

By capturing the right people at the right point in their buying decision process, our tried and tested methods will generate you high quality, qualified leads at a low cost per acquisition. Our in-person events and roundtables also enable you to build lasting relationships by introducing you directly to senior decision makers.

Establish your expertise

Position & Grow

We deliver trusted, valued content to an avid global community of readers, creating a thriving marketplace where potential buyers meet new suppliers. We help you deliver your sector knowledge and expertise, positioning your company as an industry leader.

Analyze the reach and engagement of you campaign

Reporting & Lead Nurturing

All campaigns are accompanied by detailed reporting and analysis to show the full reach, engagement and direct interaction with our audience. All leads come with an engagement chart to show the number of touch-points they have engaged with as well as the option for us to nurture the leads on your behalf to drive highly qualified sales leads.


Step 1

Define your target audience leveraging our customer insights

  • Ideal customer profile

  • Target organizations

  • Customer insights

  • Measurement framework

  • Integrated strategy

Step 2

Step 3

We create a robust and integrated content strategy and dissemination plan

Step 4

We implement relevant tracking tools to fully measure campaign effectiveness

  • Integrated reporting

  • Full user behaviour analysis

  • Content consumption

  • Lead nurturing through retargeting

  • Media portal(s)

  • Audience profile (demographic, firmographic and engagement data)

  • Key topics of interest

  • Content types (resonating with audience)

Align your ideal customer profile with our relevant portals and target audience

  • Topics of interest

  • Content formats (written, audio, video, infographic)

  • Right distribution (communities, organic, email, display, retargeting and social)

  • Conversion optimization

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