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I wanted to express how incredibly happy we were with your feature. This really was priceless for us, companies like L’Oreal, Shopify, Wayfair signed up and we deliver great results!

It could seriously not have worked out any better, this is a real case study case :-) 

Moritz Thoma, Keyword Hero

About Keyword Hero

Beginning in 2011, search marketers began to lose visibility over the organic keywords that consumers were using to find their websites, as Google gradually switched all of its searches over to secure search using HTTPS.


Keyword Hero are a TechStars Ventures funded company who created a unique tool that utilizes click stream data to uncover these (not provided) keywords.

Campaign Objectives

After an initial consultation, we identified the following key objectives:

  1. To generate brand awareness around the Keyword Hero tool and brand.

  2. To reach and engage with Search Marketers globally.

  3. To drive as many downloads of the free version of their tool as possible.

The Campaign

Based on Keyword Hero's target audience we focused the campaign on reaching our Search Engine Watch community.

To communicate the value of the tool and introduce its features and benefits as natively as possible we developed a campaign that centered around a native article. This article helped outline the problem that the tool was solving and therefore ensured that all readers were actively looking for a solution.

The article was published on Search Engine Watch and distributed globally in its newsletter to over 100,000 search marketers each day. The campaign also included social promotion and display advertising.

To generate the leads we referred all traffic back to the Keyword Hero landing page and tracked the conversions and campaign performance using our new Enhanced Campaign Monitoring (ECM) tool.

This enabled us to understand the full impact of the campaign and also analyze the behavior of our readers and subscribers as they moved off of our site and onto Keyword Hero's.

The Results

500% Increase in Traffic

300+ sign-ups to their tool

A total campaign reach of over 600,000 readers


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