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March: Insights from the top read articles on ClickZ

In the first of what will be a monthly feature we will be distilling exclusive insights from the top read articles on ClickZ.

Our aim is to help keep your finger on the pulse of what is trending and more importantly to analyze what this means for Marketing Technology providers.

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Mobile video

Two of our top ten articles this month were about mobile video. An article on the magic video metric ‘view-through rate’ drew plenty of eyeballs in early March, and a case study of Shell’s video marketing delivered similarly strong traffic in the closing days. Video marketing is clearly moving the needle for businesses. 77 percent of professional marketers and small business owners who have tried video marketing said it had a direct impact on their businesses. Audiences certainly find it compelling – marketing video provider Animoto reports that 98% of millennials are watching videos on their smartphones.

A 2015 study by Google into YouTube advertising also found that viewers who watched 30 seconds or more of a video ad (or where the ad was shorter than 30 seconds, the entire ad) showed 45% greater consideration, 14% higher favorability and 19% higher purchase intent.

With video rapidly becoming the dominant format on several marketing channels, vendors must ensure their technology is prepared for the shift.

Account-based marketing

Next up is Account based marketing (ABM) which has not only had a high engagement on ClickZ but has been an industry term that has exploded over the last few years.

ABM takes the traditional marketing funnel – awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty – and flips it on its head. Instead of casting a wide net and refining the pool down to one perfect prospect, ABM starts by attempting finding that perfect prospect and work outward.

The term has been around for the last four or five years, and it remains one of the hot topics in marketing – evidenced by the strong performance of our recent article on the subject: How to flip your lead generation funnel with Account-based Marketing as well as if we take a look at the search term on Google Trends.

For Marketing Technology Providers, it’s important that this is part of your sales teams terminology and that your business is set to meet the needs of a customer who wants to deploy an ABM approach.

Our prediction - it's a term that isn't going to go away anytime soon.

First-person Marketing

Another key industry topic, First-person Marketing attempts to deliver 1:1 marketing at scale. Nowhere is this more relevant than email. Despite age-old predictions of its imminent demise, email marketing is thriving - delivering an ROI of 30% to 32%,compared with 15% to 17% from social media, and 18% to 20% for direct mail using house lists. In a recent survey to our audience for a Zoom-In Report by ClickZ Intelligence, we looked at First-person Marketing in partnership with Adestra. According to the report, 73% of individuals will unsubscribe when confronted by an undesired email. The associated articles drove strong traffic last month, confirming it as a subject readers are highly interested in.

Innovative technologies like AI and machine learning have the potential to bolster the channel’s effectiveness even further, delivering hyper-relevant, personalized content directly into customer inboxes.

If you’re an ESP, it’s crucial to understand that marketers’ expectations of email technology are higher than ever, as the pressure is on for them to produce relevant, engaging email content. Also check-out the research.

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