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April: Insights from the top read articles on ClickZ

At the end of each month, we analyze the top read articles on ClickZ to find out what’s trending, and to give you an insight into what our readers – your customers – are thinking.

The State of Social

A top performer this month was a post-webinar write-up of our very successful (1,200+ registrants & 600+ live attendees) State of Social Webinar.

Sponsored by Tracx and featuring industry experts like Mia Vallo, VP Digital Analytics & Optimization for National Geographic, and Matt Owen, Global Social Media Manager for Shell the webinar covered a huge number of social stats and facts.

Top stats:

  • The social media population of today is the same as the total world population in the 1950s

  • 2.5 billion snaps are taken every day on Snapchat

  • The top four places for companies are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn… but for consumers it’s Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr

  • Facebook skews slightly more female than male

Another key insight was the poll that identified measuring social's impact as the biggest challenges for marketers followed by improving skills and brand metrics.

Ecommerce Trends

Another standout piece that resonated with our audience in April was 'The Top Ecommerce Marketing Trends of 2017 and How to Keep Up With Them'.

Drawing on a visual infographic, the article covered some topics to watch out for, industry developments and provided practical advice for marketers looking to navigate them.

This article also had one of the highest dwell times for the month, with readers obviously engaged with the topics including review marketing, UGC, triggered emails, AR & VR and Digital Wallet payments.

With the total number of worldwide internet users at 3.5 billion (and growing) and 40% of which have bought something online - there are approximately 1.4 billion customers worldwide that marketers are competing for.

So, it is no wonder that marketers are all ears when it comes to techniques, optimizations, tools & technologies that can help them grab a larger share of the pie.

The article also shared an interesting summary of the channels marketers should invest in this year:

Influencer Marketing

The development of computing power, the internet and the rise of mobile has led to a huge oversupply of content.

With 88 percent of B2B businesses engaging in some form of content marketing it is becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd.

Influencer marketing is nothing new, but as a result of the above has become a necessary channel to differentiate your business and build authority and trust.

Adopters have conversion rates six times as high as their non-adopting competitors so there is no suprise that this article on The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of influencer marketing was a top read.

We predict we are at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to defining and optimizing influencer marketing as the supply of digital content continues to increase exponentially.

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